Profile Picture of Dominic Amariei Ecommerce and Digital Marketing Specialist

About Me

I Help Ecommerce Businesses and Digital Entrepreneurs Reach Their Goals.

Over the years, I’ve managed multi-million projects, built successful teams and helped companies to grow sales anywhere between 50% to over 300%.

My Digital Agency

I also started and managed my own digital marketing agency and led key metric improvements (e.g. like conversion rates and cost per acquisition) of 30% to over 700%.

The Values I Bring

  • Open and Transparent Communication
  • Trust
  • Empathy and
  • Results Focused.

Some of the results I’ve gotten

All with the help of the amazing and talented people I had the opportunity to lead or to work with.


Sales Growth


CPA Improvement


ROAS vs nearest comp.


CVR Improvement

Some of the companies I worked with…

If You Have Any Questions,
Feel Free to Reach Out