What are the 2 Most Important Things you Need to Figure Out to Start an Ecommerce Business?

You may be surprised to hear that it’s not marketing, branding or investing heavily in advertising. While important, these come at a later stage.

So, What Should you Figure out Before Starting and Ecommerce Business?!

If you are at the beginning and want to start an ecommerce business, focus and solve the bases first. That is:

  1. Product and
  2. Distribution

1. The Product

The first thing to figure out before starting an ecommerce business refers to the actual product, good or service that you have to offer. Start by doing research to see if there is a market and maybe a niche for your product or service. 

2. The Distribution

The second, the distribution strategy, is the method you will be using to bring your  products, goods and services to customers or end-users. Answer questions like: Do I want to sell on my own website, or on a third party website like Amazon?! Also, how will I ship my products to customers?! 

The distribution strategy depends on the type of product or service that you’ve identified as a niche. No matter what it is though, ensure you find a way to get your goods and services to people in an easy, effective and cost efficient way.

Figure these 2 vital things out before you invest in any marketing. Do it well, and you’ve just put the basis to a potentially very successful  ecommerce business.

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