Who Should Advertise on Amazon?

You may think that this is a question only for those selling on Amazon. It’s not.

Any business can advertise on Amazon, even if they are selling on their website or not.

Having used the Amazon Ads platform for a few years now, I can tell you that it is a channel worth exploring.

The reason for that is none other than reach. Many studies show that over 50% of consumers begin their product searches directly on Amazon. And they spend a considerable amount of time there, not only to buy, but also to gather information and to find inspiration. 

Add to that the fact that over 2 billion people access amazon.com on a monthly basis in the US alone, this is a channel to use with your top of funnel strategies: to create awareness and consideration. 

Should You Advertise on Amazon if You are not Selling there?

Let’s simplify this and split it out: 

  • If you are selling on Amazon, to perform well, you should at least run search ads.
  • If you are not selling on Amazon and your targeted audience is spending time on their site, you should run display campaigns on their platform to increase your reach. 

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