Everything You Should Know About the Google Helpful Content Update

Google announced a new update to its search algorithm that could have the biggest SEO impact in the last decade. Here’s everything you should know about it:

Google’s latest search update is called the “helpful content” update and its main purpose is to reward websites with content that add value to humans and to penalise websites with low quality content mainly created for search engines. 

Summary of the Helpful Content Update

  • It will initially launch on English sites globally, while other languages will follow.
  • It will impact websites as a whole and not just pages of websites. This is one of the most important things to understand: it means that Google will look at your website’s content as a whole, so if you have poor content on some pages, that may impact your rankings for your whole website and not only for those pages.  
  • If a site is impacted by this, it will take months to recover as it will need to prove itself that it has transformed the type of content on the site to add value to people.
  • It will impact all the industries, while Google has confirmed that some like Online education, Shopping and Tech related websites may be impacted the most.
  • Lastly, the “helpful content” update is rolling out within the following days, so keep a very close eye on your analytics to see what impact it has on your website’s rankings. 

Here’s Google’s announcement of the update.