Imafe of The complexity of marketing - The Royals CPA and CVR

The complexity of marketing

The Royals

Here it goes. You shouldn’t blink:

We go crying when we think

At the metrics that we hint

Every day and every night.

Oh… it feels the end draws nigh.

Impressions, clicks and Click-Through-Rate,

And then Cost; what is its state?!

Website traffic, visitors,

And then check competitors.

We get lost in all the rates:

Click-through, view or estimates.

“Walk or run with leaping strides”?!

Yes, that’s Bounce! Get on the ride.

Active users, Channels, Keywords,

Website traffic, Treemaps, Events,

CPC and CPL,

What’s your data attribution modél?!

Spend and Sales are used for ACOS

And for ROAS?! Do the Tangos!

Both of them are arbitrators.

Hurry, get the calculators!

On the top of all the others,

Stand the royals. They are brothers.

What, you don’t know who they are?!

Meet them now: CPA and CVR.

While they sound like in the movies

(Or the names of allergies),

They are not aberrancies, but real intricacies.

… I’ll stop now with this small thing:

It’s not Math. It’s Marketing.

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