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How to optimise your AMS campaigns for the Easter Sale Season

The Easter Sale Season is here, so we put together a couple of strategies to help you optimise your AMS campaigns. As this is a promotional event promoted by Amazon via many channels (Social Media, TV, etc.), we encourage you to follow these strategies to convert customers on the world’s third-largest retailer.


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I. Do a proper research on keywords. Your keywords are critical for the success of your campaigns. Based on the product categories that you want to promote and on your objectives, build a keywords list that will rock. Use negative keywords with your Sponsored products campaigns to avoid spending money on irrelevant keywords.


II. Start your campaigns NOW. AMS campaigns need a couple of days to build relevancy, so it is best to launch them as soon as possible.


III. Increase your bids and make sure you have enough money in your campaigns. The traffic on the Amazon sites will increase due to the Easter Sale promotions. Thus, you are more likely to run out of your daily budgets. The competition will be higher than usual, so in order to win, make sure you are bidding high enough and that you have enough budget.


If you have a low budget and you are trying to win all the bids, you might end up burning all of your budget without maximising your profit (check point IV below to avoid this).


IV. Bid wisely. If you cannot afford to bid for general keywords (e.g. “smartphone”) which are usually more expensive, bid for more specific keywords like “smartphone 4 RAM”, etc..


Lower the bids for keywords that AREN’T performing well (or pause them). This way you ensure that the campaigns have enough money to spend on the keywords that ARE performing well.


V. Use all 3 types of campaigns. To maximise the performances of your AMS activity, combine Headline search campaigns with Sponsored Products and Product Display Ads.


Sponsored Products Ads have the highest sales’ conversion rate. If you cannot afford running with all 3 types of ads, choose SPA.


VI. Be smart with your messaging. The Amazon creative guidelines are strict. Your ads will most likely be rejected if you try using words like “Easter”, “Easter Sale”. You can still use titles like “special offers on our products”. Read the ad copy guidelines to see what type of titles you can use with AMS campaigns on Amazon.


VII. Combine your AMS campaigns with price promotions. As this is a promotional period, consumers are expecting price promotions. Moreover, consumers prefer choosing a product that is on offer compared to one that isn’t (even if the prices are the same). Combine price promotions with AMS campaigns to get more visibility on your promotions and to increase your sales.


Target your competitors by using their brand keywords (e.g. “samsung galaxy s9”, etc). Do this especially if you are running competitive price promotions. This way you are likely to turn customers to your brand (this might also lead to brand loyalty).


Happy selling!

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