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The New recommended budget feature in AMS

Since its beginnings, AMS has had issues showing which campaigns are out of budget daily. In an attempt to improve this, Amazon has introduced a new function into the AMS platform: the recommended budget feature. Here are a couple of the things you should know about it.

Image of AMS recommended budget feature - no notifications AmazonPPC1. The new feature highlights all the AMS campaigns running out of their daily budget, or that are almost out of budget. It also shows a recommended daily budget for each one of these ads.


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2.The functionality is extremely useful, especially if you are running with a high number of campaigns, as these are shown at the top of the page, making it easy to identify them.


Image of AMS recommended budget feature AmazonPPC


3. The budget recommended is calculated based on traffic and cost estimates. It takes into account past data and the ads’ delivery rate in any particular day.


The status of Headline Search and Product Display ads doesn’t change when they run out of budget. The status of Sponsored Products ads is changing from “Running” to “Out of budget” when the campaigns have spent all their budget.


4. It improves the user experience as you can access the campaigns directly from the Campaign recommendations window (i.e. by clicking on “Edit in Campaign settings”). You are also able to see the recommended budget when editing each campaign individually.


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5. You should also receive daily emails highlighting these campaigns and showing how much of the budget (%) is spent already. The email’s subject should be something like: Your campaign(s) are reaching or have reached budgets on AMS.


6. The budget recommended feature can show trends on Amazon – if you discover that a certain campaign is suddenly running out of budget, it can mean that there’s extra traffic on that specific period, for the keywords that you are bidding for.


Conclusions about the recommended budget feature:

It is not mandatory to increase the budget of the ads to the recommended ones. These are merely suggestions which are sometimes calculated simply as 3x your current budget (not very accurate). Furthermore, even if you increase the budgets to the recommended ones, by the end of the day it’s most likely that you will be notified again that you should increase them again.

Undeniably, the new budget recommended feature is improving the user experience by highlighting the AMS campaigns that are running out of budget during the day. It is easy to use, and it shows, in a clear way, which ones of your ads need immediate attention. Unfortunately, it is not extremely accurate and it does seem to be just another effort from Amazon to make advertisers spend more using AMS (this comes right after Amazon has given advertisers the possibility of bidding up to 1000 £/EUR for keywords in Sponsored Products Ads).


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