What KPIs Should You Be Tracking With Your Campaigns (Part 3/3)

Optimise your marketing campaigns for the business, not for the ad platforms.

Short Reflection on How the KPIs Evolved

I remember when I started my first job in digital marketing. We had 4 or 5 KPIs that we were looking at to determine the success of our campaigns and… that was it. 

Fast forward 10 years, the advertising platforms and digital businesses in general have evolved so much that we now have hundreds of different KPIs that we look at.

This video and article isn’t about looking at each one of those KPIs individually, (although I hope you are using different ones depending on the objectives of your campaigns).

This is about focusing on what matters the most. And that is: THE BUSINESS KPIs.

Don’t optimise your campaigns only by looking at the performance data that’s shown in the ad platforms. 

Instead, optimise your campaigns based on what your overall business KPIs are telling you.

Where to Start

Start by building a report that shows the impact that each channel and campaign has had on the overall business. This is going to allow you to identify what’s really making an impact and what’s not. For example, you may discover that a channel that’s bringing in 1000 leads a month, has a churn rate that’s 3 times higher than another channel that’s only bringing 500 leads.

So, the next time you’re working on a campaign, optimise it for your business, not for the ad platform.