How to Build an Effective Marketing Plan

If there is indeed a magical formula to create an effective and successful marketing plan, then these next 4 steps were exactly that for me.

To Build an Effective Marketing Plan, Ensure You Are:

  1. Reaching the right customers: so, define who your audience is.
  2. At the right time: consider the modern purchase funnel and run both demand generation and performance campaigns. 
  3. In the right place(s). Answer this: what are the channels that my audience is frequenting (a combination of online and offline can work best)?
  4. Target your audience with the right content. This is very important. Speak the language of your audience and personalise your ad copy and your overall content to them. Don’t underestimate the power of localisation.

Use this formula the next time you’re working on a marketing plan, and let me know if it was as magical to you as it was for me when it comes to generating results.

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