Image of Amazon Big Summer Sale Event is here -

Amazon’s Big Summer Sale Event is here, but only for the US

While we are still waiting for the Prime Day event to be announced worldwide, Amazon has launched “The Big Summer Sale Event” which will last until Labor Day.

Image of Amazon Big Summer Sale Event is here -

What is “The Big Summer Sale Event”?

Amazon’s “The Big Summer Sale Event” is a period of discounts and deals in multiple categories: fashion, electronics, home & kitchen, etc. Shop for ”The Big Summer Sale Event”.

How does “The Big Summer Sale Event” differ from Prime Day?

It is true that both promotional events belong to the same brand: Amazon. Still, there are multiple differences between the 2 events.

  1. Amazon’s Big summer sale event is addressed to everyone, while Prime Day is specifically for Prime day users (i.e. you need a prime membership in order to avail from the offers).
  2. The Big Summer Sale event will last for around a month (through Labor Day), while Prime Day usually only lasts 1 or 2 days (typically, deals start earlier and last more than 2 days).
  3. Prime Day deals are recognized by their steep discounts, while The Big Summer Sale event is more like the usual “Today’s Deals” page which is available for everyone all year long (nice disguise?!).
  4. The Big Summer Sale event is US specific, while Prime Day is a world wide event. If you are based in other countries, like the UK, you can still avail from daily offers on Today’s Deals page

You may have missed:

  • Prime Day has been rescheduled until later this year. It was initially believed to take place in September, but looking at the current market context, it may as well be October. No confirmation form Amazon on a specific date.
  • Amazon Prime Day 2020 has taken place in India between 6th August through 7th August.
  • Amazon is supposedly looking into transforming abandoned malls into fulfilment centers.