Image of New placement for Sponsored Products campaigns - AmazonPPC

New placement for Sponsored Products Ads

Continuing to improve their advertising platforms, Amazon is now testing a new placement for their Sponsored Products Ads. This comes right after they introduced the new Sponsored Brands placements and shows that the giant retailer is investing resources in bringing their advertising platforms to a new level.Image of New placement for Sponsored Products campaigns - AmazonPPC

The new placement for Sponsored Products ads was placed directly on product detail pages. It is taking the same space as Product Display Ads: underneath the bullet points.

Here is how it looks like and how it differs from PDAs:

  • It takes the content dynamically from the product, as it does with the other sponsored products ads. This includes: product picture, title, star rating, price and the call to action (e.g. Shop now>).
  • The product picture is placed on the left side, while on Product Display campaigns, the product picture is in the middle of the ad.
  • There’s no headline creative as there is for Product display campaigns.


Sponsored Products ad

Image of


Product Display Ad

Image of Product display compared to New placement for Sponsored products ads on Amazon Marketing Services - AmazonPPC


Here are the things that you need to know about this new placement:

  • It’s still in the testing phase and is only available in some countries (the example above is for an ad in DE).
  • It uses the same type of targeting that you set for the campaign.
  • This is an auction-based placement as with all the other AMS ads, meaning that you will win impressions based on how much you are bidding. Relevancy is also taken into consideration.
  • You cannot select where you would like your ads to appear (on search pages or on product detail pages). The system will optimise automatically.
  • It shares the same placement as Product Display campaigns and other retail widgets. There’s no information available about the impression share split.

While it isn’t sure yet if Amazon will keep this new placement, it is surely an indication that they wish to improve their advertising platform. The impact this new feature will have on the ads will hopefully be positive, but right now it is too early to tell.